Homepage of the Intranet

The library has an Intranet site for the library called JPL Neighborhood. I've been working with the site since 2012. Small edits to the site have been made over the years in addition to adding content. The circulation procedure page was formerly an old fashioned HTML Table of Contents. I used JQuery UI to make the page slightly more modern with accordions.

Intranet circ procedures

Our yearly goal is to increase the number of new library cards. At first I was sent an Excel spreadsheet and just posted a photo of the progress chart on the website. Then I got creative. I adapted Google Charts and incorporated a Javascript version of the information. then I made the lines animate. The code is onĀ JSFiddle

We are working on migrating the content of the Intranet to Microsoft Sharepoint Online. The old staff Intranet will be decommissioned soon.