Drupal Web Programmer
Academy of Model Aeronautics | 2020 - Present

  • Managed and enhanced a network of approximately 30 websites utilizing Drupal, WordPress, and BackdropCMS. This included both front-end and back-end development, ensuring robust version control with Git and reliable AWS hosting.
  • Led the upgrade of multiple Drupal 7 sites to Backdrop CMS, focusing on achieving seamless transitions and enhanced performance.
  • Directed comprehensive site migrations across various platforms, skillfully managing transitions from WordPress to Drupal and Backdrop CMS, as well as upgrades from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10.
  • Designed and implemented custom themes for WordPress, Drupal, and Backdrop sites, which significantly improved user experience and visual aesthetics.
  • Developed custom modules for Drupal and Backdrop CMS to specifically extend site functionality and address organizational needs.
  • Implemented decoupled architectures using ReactJS and JSON:API for both Backdrop CMS and Drupal, greatly enhancing site responsiveness and scalability.
  • Provided continuous support and improvements for a modern Drupal site with extensive custom coding, thereby boosting functionality and user engagement.

Jacksonville Public Library | 2003 - 2020

  • Served in multiple capacities, including Reference Librarian, Support Services, and Marketing, accumulating a wealth of diverse experience.
  • Acted as the Webmaster for the staff Intranet for seven years, managing the platform and enhancing its functionalities.
  • Led the upgrade of the Drupal 7 public website to Backdrop CMS, applying my technical expertise to enhance site performance.
  • Utilized Google Analytics and Google Search Console to significantly increase website traffic through targeted strategies.
  • Initiated and managed a digitization service, significantly expanding the library's service offerings.
  • Produced and managed the Completely Booked podcast, engaging a broader audience through multimedia.
  • Participated in the Technology Review Unit (TRU) committee, contributing to technology strategy and policy decisions.
  • Developed and taught various training classes, enhancing staff skills and knowledge.
  • Compiled both statistical and narrative monthly reports, providing key insights into library operations.

Graduate Assistant
Miami University Archives | 2001 - 2003

  • Assisted the University Archivist with reference services and daily operations, facilitating smooth department functionality.
  • Processed and managed archival collections related to Miami University, enhancing the archive's utility and accessibility.
  • Preserved a critical collection of photo negatives by digitizing and securely storing them on CDs, safeguarding historical data.

Graduate Student Assistant
Kent State University | 2000 - 2001

  • Supported the Special Collections and Archives department, focusing on processing archival collections and enhancing digital presence.
  • Developed archival finding aids and integrated them into the department's website using HTML, improving public access and usability.
  • Engaged with donors alongside department members, fostering relationships and expanding collection acquisitions.


  • Master of Arts in History, Miami University, Oxford, OH | 2003
  • Master of Library and Information Science, Kent State University, Kent, OH | 2001
  • Bachelor of Arts, Music and History, Miami University, Oxford, OH | 1999
  • Vinton County High School, McArthur, OH | 1995


  • Programming Languages & Frameworks: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, ReactJS, PHP, GraphQL, GatsbyJS
  • CMS Expertise: Drupal, WordPress, BackdropCMS
  • Development Tools: Git, Docker, Lando, DDEV
  • Platforms & Services: AWS, Google Analytics, Search Console, Ads, Looker Studio
  • Software Proficiency: Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Others: SEO, MySQL, Photo Editing, Restoration, Audio and Video Production


  • Active Contributor to Backdrop CMS and Drupal, porting, developing, and maintaining several contrib modules that enhance functionality and user engagement. Noteworthy modules include:
    • WordPress Import, S3 File System, and Read Time for content management and optimization.
    • Text Resize, Do a Barrel Roll, and Read More Extra Field for enhancing user interaction and accessibility.
    • Office Hours, Simple Hierarchical Select, and Field Extra Widgets for improving user interface and functionality.
    • Image Zoom, Search Api Attachments, and Views Exposed Filter Block for advanced content features.
    • Collapsiblock, Happy New Year, Halloween Lights (also available for Drupal), JQuery Countdown Timer, S3fs Migrate, Site Alert, Views Natural Sort, Node Reference Create, CKEditor Inline Image Style, Taxonomy Edge, Key: Various modules that enrich user and administrative experiences.
  • Event Speaker
    • DrupalCamp Colorado 2021
    • DrupalCamp NYC 2021
    • Drupal Camp Asheville 2022
    • Drupal Camp Asheville 2024